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One-Wheeled Motorcycles: As Cool as They Are Wildly Dangerous

Well sir, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-foot monowheel. It’s on our list of ideas from early 20th century gearheads that we wish had caught on, if only because they look so cool (definitely not because they’re safe).

The monowheel became something of a trend between world wars, when excited visions of the future seemed to spring from the joy that there even would be a future. Although dozens of varieties rolled out over the years since the 1860s, you’re unlikely to see one. They now exist mostly in patent applications, magazine covers, and a handful of garages. Unsurprisingly, they’ve made plenty of appearances in sci-fi flicks, adding a measure of cool to otherwise mediocre movies.

The basic principle of the monowheel is easy to understand: Build a big enough wheel, and you can put a rider insider of it along with a motor to move the whole works forward. Early versions featured various combinations of motors (gas, electric, pedal-powered) and gear assemblies and are said to have reached speeds up to 93 mph–though their manufacturers were known to claim ludicrous speeds. Some versions were refined into relatively practical, not-totally-guaranteed-to-kill-you ways of getting around, if you’re brave enough to hop in.

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